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Hadley, MA

Why you should never drive while sipping a hot cup of coffee!!! I was scouting this location a few days earlier for something interesting. I usually like to search for open water or interesting ice formations this time of year but everything in Massachusetts seems to be covered in snow this winter. I did notice that these potholes filled with water from the melting snow during the day (even when the temperatures were below freezing) so I checked it out around sunset one evening and was happy to see the sun setting toward the end of the road. I was too late for a picture on that evening. I figured I would need to be at my spot at about 5:15pm to catch the sun where I wanted it. One problem- I had to pick up my daughter at 5pm and persuade her to tag along again. She agreed!!!! The next obstacle was the cars!!! Did I mention that this is a dirt road? Every time I got my tripod set up and composed my image a car came bumping down the road and right through my potholes!!!!! Slashing the water out! Who wants to drive down a pothole filled muddy road anyway??? I was able to sneak one series of exposures in before the sun dropped below the horizon and my daughter came running out of the car to tell me my 10 minutes was up. This is why I usually choose to be alone and in the woods away from roads when I'm chasing light. I'll take what I can get these day though. Photo © copyright by Patrick Zephyr.

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