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Emerging III

Coral Cove, Florida

I spend a week down in sunny Florida every February with my family and make a point to watch the sunrise at this location every chance I get. This particular composition is only possible with the right surf and tide and on my recent trip those conditions came together at sunrise on the last day. It was unusually cool down there this winter (the air temp was 40 degrees on this morning!!!) and I was standing knee deep in the surf to get the comp I was after so by the end of the shoot I was bit hypothermic and couldn't even get my camera off the tripod!! I had lost a camera body here in the past so I was well aware of the random huge wave that seems to come in every few minutes and constantly scanned the distance for it and jumped back just in time on a few occasions. I got hit a couple of times but not enough the claim another camera. So much fun!!!! I love what I do! I have some other captures from this morning that I'm really excited about but I thought I would start with the first capture from that morning when it was still pretty dark. I cranked my iso way up and opened up my aperture to get a reasonable quick shutter speed in the very low light. Photo © copyright by Patrick Zephyr.

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