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Ice Cobbles

Hadley, MA

I had edited a slightly different composition of this capture yesterday and processed it with a warmer white balance. After staring at it for a while I decided that the warm feel really didn't convey the moment as I had hoped (I was freaking freezing my fingers off!!!) so i decided to reprocess this image with a cooler white balance that more accurately portrayed the moment. I had my eye on this spot for weeks waiting for something interesting to appear. On this evening I got to the location about one hour before sunset and carefully walked around on the thin ice in search of an interesting foreground (stepping through up to my knees a couple times) I settled on this collection of bubbles and waited for the light show I was sure was to happen. This band of clouds was moving quickly and by the time the sun was below the horizon the clouds were gone and the magenta/red sky I was expecting never happened. I did return to this location the following day for a very special light show and captured quite a few images (including "Ice Crusher" I recently posted). This cool collection of bubbles was no longer there just a day later. Another one of those moments in time. Photo © copyright by Patrick Zephyr.

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