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Ice Crusher

Hadley, MA

Why "Ice Crusher"? This capture is a perfect example of the photographic process for me. First, I had scouted this location many times and made mental notes of the elements and where the sunset occured on the horizon. Second, I watch how it changes with changes in the weather conditions (extreme cold, snow, rain...etc). We had an unusual day of warmer temps and rain a few days earlier followed but very cold temps so I decided to go scout the spot out for some interesting foreground possibilities in the middle of the day when the light wasn't great (my first opportunity). I liked what I saw but needed some dramatic light. The next day was cloudy but "according to the weather masters" there was to be a clearing right around sunset. I was in the area around sunset and ran down to this spot at sunset but the clouds moved out quicker than expected and never really lit up as I was hoping. A little rain snow or warm temperatures would surely change the conditions and the compositions I had scouted would be gone so I kept my eye on the weather. The following day the forecast was the same "cloudy all day with a clearing right around sunset". After dropping my twins off at gymnastics I had to convince my older daughter to tag along with me while I waited for the light. Amazingly she agreed!!!! Thanks Sky!!! We both wandered down to this shallow stream and I started woking on my compositions while she walked around crushing all the cool ice formations I was hoping to use in my forgrounds. Thankfully I got to this one before she did!!! Moments later I moved on to another spot and heard loud crushing sounds coming from behind me. I turned around to watch my duaghter stepping all over the delicate ice formations (above) I had just photographed!!! A moment in time! This composition, the combnation of light, temperature, and weather conditions will never be again but something equally special is waiting for me in the future. That is why I do what I do!!! I can't wait to see whats around the corner!  Thanks for hangin out Sky!!! . Photo © copyright by Patrick Zephyr.

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