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January Thaw

Pelham, MA

Something different. My photography takes me in many directions from tiny jumping spiders to epic sunrises, from waterfalls to water drops and everything inbetween. I haven't posted much variety here but maybe I'll start. The common thread is nature and the wild creatures and places that fill my soul. I've always felt most alive in those places. It's certainly a struggle to stay connected to the digital world but I continue to try. This capture was inspired by a January thaw. While I sat underneath a ledge in the forest where, on colder days, I find the most amazing ice formations on this day I found only drip,drip drip. It was also inspired by the cool water droplet studio captures I've seen posted in the past. As for the image- it is not captured in a studio. It was captured outside in natural light. The blue is the clear blue sky (the sun is just out of frame to the left) the 8 point sun stars (not my favorite) are caused by the small f-stop of my 24-105mm lense. I needed the focal length to get some distance from the drips otherwise I would have chosen a lense with a more appealing Sunstar :-) Minimal post processing- just some blending and raw adjustments. Photo © copyright by Patrick Zephyr.

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