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Low Water

Quabbin Reservoir, MA

I can get to this location in about half an hour from my front door and I visit it often. As usual I try to wake up a few hours before sunrise and check the radar for a potential show. I've learned the hard way not to trust what is forecast the night before. The composition I had planned out about a week earlier. The reservoir unusually low and compositions that have never been in this location before appeared for about a month. As the water level rises the shoreline comps will change again. It's interesting to see so many crazy cool captures of iconic locations posted again and again here on 500px and I image many photographers all in the same spot competing for comps and position. For me this is never the case, I can count on one hand the number of times in the twenty years that I've been chasing the light that I've run into another photographer while out shooting a sunrise/sunset/night sky/waterfall/jumpingspider!!!! Sure this isn't Mono Lake or Yosemite but it's my special spot and I know it intimately and the joy it brings me is in no way inferior to what i would feel in the grand canyon. For me it's about the light and being connected to the place. I'm forever grateful that I found that connection close to home. Most of my work is captured within a mountain bike ride of my home. Thanks again for viewing! Photo © copyright by Patrick Zephyr.

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