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Phidippus regius

"Regal Jumper"

One of the largest jumping spiders in North America, Phiddipus regius. All the jumping spiders I've photographed to date have been native to Massachusetts. This species is not found here but thanks to a friend of mine I have had the opportunity to photograph three adult females and an adult male of this amazing species. This is the first jumper I've seen with purple chelicera. She was one of the most cooperative jumpers I have ever photographed. Also, if your interested in photographing and raising jumpers -in particular Phidippus species of Florida please check out my friends website Don is by far the most knowledgable person I know on the subject of phidippus jumping spiders and raising and caring for them as pets. He sells a variety of species native to Florida including phidippus regius (some of the coolest jumpers on the planet!). Photo © copyright by Patrick Zephyr.