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Pelham, MA

Another shot from my secret paradise in the forest near my home. As I was editing this capture I was thinking about all the variables that needed to come together to make it happen. The sunrise right over the top of the falls (1-2 weeks/ year), clear skies at that moment (maybe once/week) enough flow to create the spinning disc (very specific volume... too much or too little and my foreground is not there), me having a window of time to be there at that moment (required getting my daughters to school early on this day....not an easy task!! :-) ). I have visited this location over a hundred time and I’ve seen it all come together just a few. I know that to anyone sifting through the mass of images here on the internet this might not seem very special but for me, it’s these images that sit in my mind for years before the capture that are most special. Especially considering that there is probably not another soul on this planet that has ever laid on the wet stone and witnessed this spectacle. This 5 minute spectacle that might not happen again for a decade. It’s why I get out of bed at all hours of the night. It’s why I chase light. It’s why I wander. No words or images will ever convey the sense of connection I feel in these moments. In today’s world of travelers and so many images it seems that many think there is a place where the magic is and they just need to get on a plane and go there. To that place to recreate that image that has already been captured. My belief is that the magic place is everywhere and for me it’s the forest, lakes and stream close to my home. It’s nice to know that I don’t need to travel far to find what I’m looking for. Photo © copyright by Patrick Zephyr.

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