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Through Mud

Hadley, MA

This is one of the most memorable sunsets from this past year. I had my eye on this location for weeks waiting for one of those crazy sunsets. For a couple of months every year the sun sets at the end of these rows so I wait for a few variable to fall into place. 1) The farmer cuts the corn field, 2) some rain (this spot always seems to hold water for a few days after a heavy rain), and 3) the magic light!! I was not expecting a show on this particular evening so I was in the forest photographing one of my favorite local waterfalls under overcast skies. When I was about to wrap up I looked up to see the clouds clearing over head. This clearing was supposed to happen well after sunset but if it was happening now there was a chance for a show!!! I quickly checked the radar and sure enough it looked good. I checked my GPS- I can be in my corn field in 18 minutes. THERE'S TIME!!!!! I sprinted up the trail to my car and hit every red light on the way but arrived just as the show began. One problem- I had to cross a stream and some ankle deep mud to get to my spot!!! I din't think about it I just ran -slip sliding through the mud pulling out my tripod legs while I was running. Welcome to the show!!! It lasted a while and as the clouds cleared I was greeted by a glowing cresent moon that worked nicely in a different composition I'll post later. This is why I do what I do!!! Thanks for viewing! I really appreciate you stopping by :). Photo © copyright by Patrick Zephyr.

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