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Violet Bubbles

New Salem, MA

Another capture from my 2 weeks with the ice at this location earlier this month. It was recently covered by snow but after a January heat wave and a couple inches of rain I’m curious to scout it again . This is a 6 images hand held focus stack /exposure blend. If someone spotted me here composing this shot (not likely 20 years I’ve never -seen anyone here at sunrise) they might have called 911. I had to hang over a 3ft ledge with my elbows resting on the ice supporting me with the camera just a couple inches from the surface. I had one leg bent around a sapling for additional support. I couldn’t get a tripod into this tight spot. I had to get the shot without gloves because I needed the dexterity to keep the camera as still as possible while spinning the focus ring. The temp that morning was -5 Fahrenheit. I absolutely love what I do. ... it never feels like work ..... and time stands still :-). Photo © copyright by Patrick Zephyr.

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