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Sitticus Jumper


There are a couple of Sitticus jumpers in MA and they look very similar. I'm not certain which this is. Maybe Sitticus Fascigar?? They seem to like hanging out on the side of buildings. I found males and females of this species on a brick building in Amherst. MA on a sunny day. They are very small (3-4mm) full grown as compared to a big 10-12mm adult phiddipus audax. A very cute jumper that is very difficult to photograph. They never sit still for more than a couple seconds it seems so getting in close and getting the eyes in focus is very difficult and time consuming. I think I stared at this little guy for about an hour before I finally got something I was happy with. Have you ever stared into the eyes of something that small for an hour!!! It certainly didn't feel like an hour! These things are so fun to watch!! . Photo © copyright by Patrick Zephyr.